We have citizens representing Island Cultures and we have Constraints, but we need more to make a wise Plan. Three key components are indicated here. 



Constructing a Plan is analogous to a Moon Shot. There are many interwoven layers, hopefully guided by the Constraints. It takes a lot of time to sift through the layers and consider the interrelated implications. Wisdom emerges from months of dedicated conversation in safe, trusting and supportive environments. We must make space for this process if we are to achieve our goal.

Accurate Information

All of us are pushing the overload envelope, reducing our time to look for and vet information. This is even more essential in an era described as "alternate facts". Information is often incomplete, sometimes by overloaded staff, sometimes by design. Information can also be spun, or withheld, forgotten, or left to interpretation. These practices must be exposed and removed lest they mislead and misdirect conversation.


Some ideas are effectively eternal (say, freedom of speech), while other ideas were fine then but are no longer appropriate (example: coal fired power plants). In the conversation process, we welcome discussions about blowing the wheat from the chaff on both old and emerging ideas. Technology is often a game changer, whereas preservation of Wildness is a value. Wild doesn't change with the next update to a smart phone or the next elected politician.