Boundaries are often helpful in ensuring that any activity doesn't get "out of bounds". The Plan has several thoughtful boundaries, described below. At the same time, we cannot presume that the boundaries will be honored or enforced. Humans are masters at gaming systems. We've all heard phrase like "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" and "don't forget the law of unintended consequences". In addition to these warning tones, we must be vigilant to Deep Throat's warning during the Watergate era: "Follow the Money", which we all learned as children in the phrase "He who pays the piper calls the tune." The existence of a constraint does not guarantee it's effectiveness.

GMA is modeled on a european village with low carbon footprint.

GMA                                                     vision statement

San Juan County (SJC) "opted in" to Washington State's Growth Management Act (GMA) in 1992. GMA has 14 principles that a county must consider in crafting it's Comprehensive Plan (CP). If you think that GMA is the controlling factor in crafting a Plan, you'd unfortunately be wrong. You can read about how SJC and local wisdom advocates defending GMA principles have arm wrestled in the past. Our hope is that this costly and sub-optimal controversy can be avoided this time.

SJC citizens crafted a Vision Statement adopted in 1994. EPRC (the Eastsound Planning Review Committee) has, with substantial public input, crafted a Vision Statement for Eastsound on Orcas Island in the spring of 2017. Decide for yourself if they match your own vision. Let the County Council (CC) know how you feel about what has been done and what you support or oppose.


Word Cloud based on the 2017 Eastsound Vision Statement and associated Pillars

Jamie, Rick and Bill

Voters, visitors, property owners        County council

A review of the Vision Statement(s) mentioned above will give you a sense of what locals feel are important goals. Voters, Visitors and Property Owners are critical, as they can (or not) make their concerns known to, and significantly influence, the Real Kahunas, the County Council.

The SJC County Council is the legally mandated authority for approving the SJC CP. In reality, they are likely to be observers rather than active players in the development of the Plan. They will become more sensitive and keen in their observations if the Voters ( bring their concerns to them loudly, frequently, and unambiguously.

Only so many passengers

Carrying Capacity

Cycle of Life

Cycle of Life


Not previously considered, our Plan needs to consider carrying capacity (one of many elements here is water) and sustainability (a complex issue).