Stories from the Heart

The Plan is an outer world expression of an inner world view. The tab "Head" discusses the psychological and even mythological basis for expressing our deeper inner longings, confusions, hopes. Stories you offer here express the poetic, lyrical, and mystical energies that have brought people to these wild islands for centuries. It is our hope that your resonance with these deep desires will generate in you sufficient strength to overcome the inertia of our current trajectory and compel you to speak your truth. We hope to collect your heart-felt expressions and share them as part of the commons that binds us to these wild islands.

teaching stories

"Don't it always seem to go/ you don't know what you've got tis it's gone / they paved paradise / and put up a parking lot"
One of the most famous teaching stories is the Tragedy of the Commons, written in 1968. The issue is not that these and many many similar stories have never been written. They are out there but they don't move us far.

Movement is needed.

We'd like to hear from you: what stories move you, how have they moved you, why have they moved you, and how can we use that energy to move ourselves to a place we all want (and to avoid the slippery slope of moving to where we don't want). 

Why Wild?

Read and contribute to the conversation about the importance of wildness to your sense of self and your sense of relationship with your place.

love letters

To win at almost anything, you have to go big, go deep, and go outside your comfort zone. Whether it is a job, a partner, a personal goal (e.g., running a marathon), you'll only get there by going there, often not knowing in advance the full price you will have to pay.  “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving the mark.”

Write your love letter about these wild islands. Your longing, your grief, your desires, your hopes for yourself, for those that follow. It is only through the heart that we can move the legal, financial and cultural mountain blocking the path to sustainable harmony.


“The order is rapidly fading / And the first one now will later be last / Cause the times they are a-changing.

What does WILD mean to you? How do you know you are "in the wild"? How do you know when you are not? How can Wildness be preserved? At one time, almost everything and every place was wild. Today we have to go places to find Wildness, like Wilderness areas. Many come to these precious Salish Sea Islands to experience Wildness and to be refreshed by their wild qualities (shorelines, forests, vistas, deer, eagles, seals). We need you to help us preserve the Wild we've got, in perpetuity, so we can say, as the SJPT says about many of its properties, like the one shown here, "forever wild."