An Overview

Our intention: create together a wise and sustainable Plan by thoughtfully and collectively revising the materials of the existing Plan. What follows are the basic elements that must be wisely interwoven by an innovative community and county partnership.


While there are many islands in the Salish Sea, there are 4 major San Juan Islands served by Ferry. Each has a unique history and culture. While differences exist, our spirit embraces diversity and we recognize that we overwhelmingly share common goals and aspirations.

Our Plan is bounded by the requirements of the Washington State Growth Management Act (GMA), the county Vision Statement, the diverse peoples of the islands, and the San Juan County Government (principally the County Council). 

The principal ideas for achieving a wise Plan are conversation, accurate information, and innovation. Some ideas are old and need to be discarded (tho some will have difficulty with that). New ideas consistent with changing realities need to be welcomed. The islands have a culture of "using what you've already got", i.e., one of reusing, recycling and being frugal. Some ideas, like frugality, will seem new to some and old (and comfy) to others. Words used to describe frugality are "carrying capacity" and "sustainability".





We've chosen four success indicators to rate the Plan. These are Happiness, Goals Achieved, Mother Nature, and Lawsuits Avoided.


The Moment of Truth (and Trust) has arrived. The entire community can feel the success of months, perhaps years, of hard work, compromise, breaking some traditions, creating new ones, finally bringing an adolescent Plan into full wise adulthood.

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As islanders know, once the ink has dried on the revised and wise new Plan, we cannot rest. We must continue to monitor how things are going, adjust as needed, and keep a weather eye for emerging challenges, where the Precautionary Principle is fully and intentionally operational.

(under construction)